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Braiding, Plaiting hair

Braiding, Plaiting hair

There are so many hairstyles with braids that sooner or later you will want to try at least one. Welcome to the beauty center "Maria Georgieva", we'll fulfill your wish. Our hairdressers will advise you on which type of braids will best fits the shape of your face, and then proceed to action.
With the shallow may be made throughout your hair or only parts of it. They may be quite natural, detail of an elegant and sassy hairstyle, or woven into them with accessories - hairpieces, threads zirconium and what not miracles. What to choose depends on what kind of case beautify - formal event, a party with friends just because you need a change. Our specialists will be helpful when making this move.

Hairstyle for brides
45.00 €
Sewing hair in a bun
55.00 €
Micro rings hair extensions attachment 3 levels ( clients hair )
3 rows + caps
140.00 €
Clip-in hair extensions attachment 3 levels
20.00 €
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