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Coiling with curling iron, presser or hair dryer

Coiling with curling iron, presser or hair dryer Ladies with curls dream of an obedient, straight hair and women with straight hair, sighing in the disobedient curls. The Beauty center "Maria Georgieva" has a solution that does not harm the the hair, and in both cases. Curling tongs hair, just as presses and dryers, we work with have the latest technology.
With us you can wrap your hair with a curling iron regularly without fear of damaging it. On the contrary. Nano molecules in the body of our products help the hair to restore its integrity and again become shiny and smooth surface. So you will enjoy beautiful curls repliche orologi italia and healthy, shiny hair that attracts attention.
Save your appointment with one of our hairdressers and welcome to the lounge. We're sure you'll appreciate as the technique with which we work and our skills.
Hair curls whit iron short
42.00 €
Hair curls whit iron medium
47.00 €
Hair curls whit iron long
57.00 €
Short hairstyles a diffuser
45.00 €
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