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Package prices

Package prices

The beautiful, well-kept woman always has good self-esteem and special radiance. It looks calmer, more ankle. The neighborhoods wonder when they find time to take care of their appearance and how they can always look impeccable.

This is fully achievable. Stay in the hands of our professionals, relax, relax and then enjoy the result.

Maria Georgieva beauty salon offers a package of basic beauty treatments for special prices:

• painting;
• trimming;
• hair dryer;
• Manicure.

Ask for the different options of the package. Depending on the services you use, you save between 10% and 30% of the total amount.
It is worth it, especially if you are our regular client.
Whenever you need, you take one of our special packages and trust our taste and professionalism. We care about the rest.

Ladies cut and blow dry - short hair
45.00 €
Ladies cut and blow dry - long hair
67.00 €
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