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Hello, You are in the Maria Georgieva beauty salon site. Welcome!

Check out the services we offer. Check out the photos in our gallery. Take a look at the interior, the hairstyles and the manicure albums. This will make you sure that our beauty salon is your place, whether you need standard beauty treatments or hairstyle and make-up for a special occasion.
Elegant atmosphere, the latest equipment, original and quality cosmetic products of world famous brands, dedicated professionals ready to offer you the best solution for hair, hair color, polka, eyebrow shaping - we offer everything you need for relaxation and good self-esteem .
Save time for the specialist you need, or visit us on site. We will advise you, help you make the best choices for you and then proceed with the beauty procedures.
They give us the appearance of one of the most interesting pieces of show business, art and business today. Trust us too.

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