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What is OLAPLEX?

What is OLAPLEX?

Olaplex does not contain silicones, sulphates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes and has never been tested on animals. Olaplex restores the broken disulfide bonds in the hair. They are destroyed by thermal, mechanical or chemical treatment.
• when lightening hair with foil
Pay special attention to the amount of blushing powder you use, it can vary. The amount of Olaplex depends on the amount of blushing paste you will use NOT on the total amount of already mixed oxidant and blond *
1. Mix the blond with the oxidant.
** Olaplex can increase the process time. To avoid this, increase the level of the oxidant by one.
Use 20vanoum (6%) when you want to achieve 10volts (3%) lightening.
30 vol. (9%) for 20 volts (6%)
40 volts (12%) for 30 volts (9%)
When mixing an oxidant with 15g (½ ounce) blond, add 3.75ml (1/8 ounce) of Olaplex.
When mixing an oxidant with 30g (1 ounce) blond, add 7.50ml (1/4 oz) of Olaplex.
2. Use the supplied dispenser to measure the exact amount of Olaplex you need.
3. Add Olaplex to pre-mixed blond and oxidant and mix well.
Note! You may need to add more blonde if needed. In this case, it is recommended to mix in a new bowl if the required amount of blond is greater than 1oz (30g).
Please use the usual precautions when working with lighters.
• in ballet
Use 3.75ml (1/8 oz) Olaplex for 15ml (1 / 2oz) from Baleaz's enlightener.
Add the measured Olaplex quantity to the pre-blended lightener and oxidizer and mix well.
The amount of Olaplex at Balease depends on the level of oxidant you will use in the process. If you want the greatest lightening and use 40vol. 12%, please note that with Olaplex you will achieve 30vol.9% lightening as a result. When applying heat, the duration of the process may be shorter. You can also add 1.85ml (1/16 oz) of the stump number 1 for quicker lightening if you have enough time.
* It is well known that blonde makes a heat reaction with chlorine and other minerals in water and hair. If a heat reaction occurs, this is not the fault of Olaplex. This is because the blond reacts with minerals. Please wash your hair immediately if you notice any such occurrence.
Cream Blond / Blushing Paste = For every 45ml (1.5oz) cream add 7.5ml (1 / 4oz) of Step 1. If you use a larger amount of the blushing paste, you do not need to add more than 1/4oz Olaplex.
Use 3.75ml (1 / 8oz) Olaplex for any amount of blushing paste less than 45ml (1.5oz)
The duration of the lightening process varies. We can not say a specific time because the hair is different and responds differently to lightening. There is no exact norm but time is prolonged. Healthy hair deserves more time. Heat can be used, but it speeds up the reaction time, and it is often necessary to check the results achieved so far every 3 to 5 minutes. If your hair is more vulnerable, do not use heat until the system is used to restore the health, strength and texture of the hair. Increase oxidiser: Only one level when mixing with a lightener.** Do not lift the oxidant while lightening fine / thin hair or hair that is already burned.
** Do not raise the level of oxidant at lightening in the roots / contact with the scalp.
** Do not lift the oxidant with a basic base and gloss toner.
• For luminosity in the roots / contact with the scalp:
Olaplex can be added to the root enlighteners, but it is not recommended to use more than 20 vol.6% on the scalp. It may take longer to process.
• Extensions / Extensions:
Olaplex works great on long hair.
• Disability control:
What to do with a client who has very damaged and depleted hair yet wants to be painted? It is recommended that you first make Olaplex Therapy (Step 1 followed by Step 2) several times before painting. If you are not sure to do a hair test, read the following.
• Balenz, toning, gloss, gloss and dyeing:
Never add more than 3.75ml (1/8 oz) Olaplex to its primary or glossy color. There is no need to increase the level of the oxidant in such cases. Add Olaplex only to gloss and toner that requires 10min or more minutes of the process.
• dilution of Olaplex with gloss:
You can use step number 1 diluted with water as a therapy. Mix 15% 15ml (½ oz) Olaplex step number 1 with 85ml (3oz) tap or bottled water in the bottle with applicator. Divide hair from root to tops, apply, comb it. Leave for 5 minutes. And dry. Do not wash. You can apply gloss to the roots or the entire length. Wash well and dry. Go to Step 2 directly on the already applied product / therapy.
Shampooing and Toning:
If you lighten and then tone, you do not have to wash out the shampoo lighter. You can rinse, dry and then apply toner together with the step 1 added to it. Washing stops the lightening process. But if you are comfortable, you can wash with shampoo and then continue with toning.
This is the second step of the Olaplex system. It is usually applied after completion and washing (or shampooing and drying) of all initial processes. You can divide your hair and apply evenly diluted Olaplex formula for even better results. Leave for a minimum of 5 minutes, then WITHOUT washing, apply a generous amount (over 15ml 1/2 oz) and allow it well. Leave it for a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes. Step Number 2 also acts as a great lotion for hair trimming. We always ask our customers whether they want a haircut before we wash the products. The system may last for a longer period of time, as washing (shampoo and conditioner) is done by the customer himself when he returns home. However, we recommend using shampoo and conditioner once we have dealt with the internal hair structure. For the appearance of the hair still caring favorite shampoo and balm. Deep mask feeding can also be done after step 2 is applied. • Keratin therapy:
Restorative joints in the hair The Olaplex system works great in conjunction with Keratin therapy. When used before, the hair is softer, brighter and stronger. Also more flexible and tear-resistant. It is important to apply before Keratin therapy so that the penetration of Olaplex penetrates well in the hair to reinforce it. By doing such therapy, smoothing and sealing hair, we recommend that the links be restored beforehand. Mix 15% of step 1 and 85% water in the applicator bottle. Apply and distribute carefully. Leave for 5 minutes. And without removing the top step 2, allow it carefully. Leave for another 10 to 20min. Then apply shampoo and continue with Keratin therapy as usual. This will help the strength and structure of the hair's interior before adding new layers of keratin from keratin therapy. The result is stronger, healthier hair and the maximum effect of Keratin therapy when used with the Olaxx system.
• Olanapox therapy used alone:
Mix 15ml (1 / 2oz) of Step 1 with 90ml (3oz) of water mixed in the applicator bottle. Apply from root to tip. Divide and comb your hair. Leave for 5 minutes or more.
Do not wash generously the amount of step 2 and allow it to be carefully.
Leave for a minimum of 10 minutes. Or more.
Wash, shampoo and apply balm.
• What happens if I use Olalex multiple times on very vulnerable hair and then stop?
Will the disulfide bonds recovered in the hair be ruined again and my hair will break afterwards? This question is often asked and the answer is no. Even if you completely discontinue the use of Olaplex, the protection it has built remains constant.
• Quick and easy use of Olaxlex:
This method is great for use whether the customer's hair is chemically treated or not. A great way to maintain the structure of the hair so it is soft and prone to styling. Also, if you have the remaining amount in step 2, you can find an app in this way. Start with a towel, apply a generous amount of step 2 and resolve. Leave for 5-10 minutes, without washing, apply another layer of step 2 and carefully resolve. Leave for another 5-10min. Wash with shampoo and finish with balm.
OLAPLEX NO.3 Home Care Support
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Maria Georgieva - Artistic Director

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