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Keratin Complex Intelligent solution for healthy hair.

Keratin Complex Intelligent solution for healthy hair.

Keratin Complex Intelligent solution for healthy hair.
Advanced technology that prepares hair for maximum absorption and recovery of chemically damaged hair.
Introducing the newest way with innovative formula 
cosplay boutique and anti-frizzy effect Keratin, which is enriched with vitamins. Keratin protein is associated with moisture in the hair, and thus the process prevents and prevents electrification.

Glycolic acid retains moisture in the hair, creating a balance of acidity and making the hair soft and easy to handle. Cysteine ​​The amino acid that supports the outer layers of the hair creates an extremely intense glow on the surface and the herbal ingredients provide superior softness and flexibility to each hair separately. The effect lasts up to 3 months.
Keratin is a major protein found in mammalian organisms. It is usually found in hairs, wool, horns and nails. Since the therapy that is done in most salons is known as hair straightening therapy, it is often assumed that keratin is associated with straight hair, and here is the time to say that is not true. During the keratin therapy, a solution is added which injects keratin into the hair. He restores damaged hair. Keratin increases the shine and reduces the hair's fracture, but does not straighten her hair.
Keratin is a high protein cysteine-amino acid that is responsible for the condition of the hair and nails. Its quantity in our body depends both on the type and the structure of our hair.
This protein protects the hair from damage. It protects against the negative impact of the environment, such as ultraviolet rays, chlorine water, use of high temperature when waving, sharp temperature amplitudes. Over time, the hair loses this protein and has to be delivered extra.
What are the first signs that we need it?
The hair needs keratin when it begins to lose its elasticity, volume and glow.
Keratin in hair products is not a medicine to solve the problem of keratin production in our body, but these products applied externally act perfectly on the hair structure. Keratin is a protein in a liquid form identical to that in our hair but is derived from sheep's wool or fiber crops such as corn, wheat, and soy.
The keratin applied to our hair fills the disturbed areas and creates a natural protective layer on the surface of the hair. It is safe and is beneficial not only for damaged but also for healthy hair.
It does not contain Sulfates and Parabens!
Maria Georgieva - Artistic Director

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