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Structure and physiology of hair

Structure and physiology of hair

Every woman wants to be beautiful and healthy hair, but it should be very clear with the structure of the hair and the hair overall prior to undergo all kinds of beauty treatments that are harmful for her, be it at
The hair type is different for each person

The hair type is different for each person

Whether you have a short, long, fragile or straight hair, keeping it in good condition, is not as difficult as you think. Although caring for your hair mainly depends on its type, there are basic rules that must be followed in order to preserve her health:-
How to properly wash your hair

How to properly wash your hair

Washing your hair is a ritual with precise rules. It is constructed as a habit in the early childhood age and there should be no excuse:
The correct hair care

The correct hair care

To look good hair, come to the fore her health and proper care for her. What includes proper care for your hair? From the entire spectrum of treatments for hair, though, and the simplest, the washing is the most important component, because there is
How fast our hair grow a month?

How fast our hair grow a month?

Hair growth cycle – what happens? As in women and in men hair grows in the same way and equally influenced by the types of treatment. Hair, skin and blood vessels form a
Argan oil

Argan oil

Arganovoto oil is vegetable oil produced from the kernels of the arganovoto tree (Argania Spinosa l.), which is meeting in Morocco. The oil is one of the most rare and expensive in the world due to the limited distribution of the

Creating a blog and introducing the public to your interests, your knowledge of them from your long experience is a choice of personal need.
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By introducing you to the world of beauty and hygiene habits, I take time out of my free time. Sometimes a lot of it goes for preparation, photos, processing, writing, "aging" until I'm sure I've said and showed exactly what I want, in an accessible, interesting and useful way for my readers.
This whole process brings me an enrichment of my own soul, satisfaction for pleasant moments, new acquaintances with different people and diverse issues, cases and unrest.
Keeping a blog and giving your opinion to society is a huge responsibility.
Once written and published, a topic about a product or procedure remains here and will be read over and over no matter how long it passes. I often update my writing with new impressions to stay up-to-date, objective, and comprehensive. My goal is to be as open and open as possible in my publications, to give the right information to anyone who has searched for my services or those of the team I work with, and not to mislead anyone. I try to be more useful than to hurt someone and close my eyes. Satisfaction brings me the result of what has been achieved, not the financial pay. For money, I think they are a means of survival, but not a reward for your attitude toward the opposite.
Communicating with different people, looking at the different point of view of the interlocutor at the moment is more a pleasure than a load.
Every positivity and feedback brings satisfaction to the well done job. Every criticism provides ways to improve.
"There are stupid questions, there are stupid answers."
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What I strongly believe in is the relationship between people and the created friendships. I often define my clients as my business card, which I present to the world. Through them I show who I am and my attitude to life.
I hope the information I will share with you will be interesting, useful and constructive. I will introduce you to the basic rules for maintaining a beautiful look, healthy and shiny hair, luminous and soft skin, and the specifics of WHY it is important to pay special attention to the hands and feet.
Welcome to Welcome!
My beautiful world awaits you!
Wishing you a good time in the blog posts!
Always yours
Maria Georgieva Art Director

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