10 rules for business vision

10 rules for business vision 10 rules for business vision
Let's look at the major mistakes that would prevent you from climbing the corporate ladder.
Unsupported manicure
Peeling nail polish, excessively long nails, a bright manicure or its complete absence make the interviewee unpleasant.
Nails should be medium length orologi replica italia and beige-pink with neutral polish. That they should be clean is implied.
Hand care is a sign of culture in both women and men.
Unruly hair and bright makeup
Exterior experiments have always provided food for office gossipers. And, if you suddenly show up with allen hair, it is clear that it will be a theme not just of the day, but of the week.
Don't risk it! Your hair should always be clean and, if possible, neat. Brush lush curls into a bun or braid. Your makeup should be in pastel tones, by no means brilliant, all the more so that bright makeup goes to very few faces.
A challenging short skirt
Leave the ultra-short mines for the evening out. Your appearance in the office of this kind is unacceptable. According to the label, the skirts should cover your knees when you are seated. Well, let's not be so conservative and allow a length of up to two fingers above the knee. If you want to express yourself through clothing, do it with the shirts and blouses you wear with the suit. There you can afford an interesting design, bright color or strange shape collar.
Large earrings attract attention to your face and hair. But they distract from what you say. Avoid them, as well as wearing more than one pair of them. Many bracelets and rings also have no place in the office. We are sure that after work hours there is room to wear them.
Men can afford two things - a clock and a wedding ring.
Piercing and tattoos
Have you seen high-ranking managers with tattoos?
If you so desire, make a tattoo in a place that is inaccessible to the views of others. However, office wear should cover the shoulders and tailbone, keep this in mind when choosing a tattoo location.
As for piercings, for most people this is a bad taste, so the earring on the tongue is inappropriate.
Bare legs or colorful tights
In some offices there is a dress code that does not tolerate deviation, in others it suffers some liberties. In either case, tights like a fishing net or embossed with bright flowers would not be looked with a good eye. The best choices are body-colored tights that fit any business suit. Black tights are for women with slender legs. Black narrows the figure but outlines any defect in the silhouette.
In teams where the dress code is a conventional term, you can afford tights in small pieces, but nothing extravagant.
We are talking about tights because we are convinced that you will not allow yourself to wear a skirt and show your bare feet in the office.
Perfume smells too strong
Some suffer from allergies and some just don't like the strong smells. Choose your perfume carefully. Remember that the perfume industry produces daytime and evening, lighter and stronger scents, and in this case you need one that is suitable for business meetings - unobtrusive and light. Indoors, a few heavy aromas can get you into a nasty headache.
Bright socks
Men should not forget that socks are also an important part of their wardrobe. The length of the socks should be such that when they cross leg to foot, no bare skin is visible. Their color must be the same or one tone lighter than the trousers.
Unsuitable shoes
During the spring, fall and winter seasons, you need to have a pair of office swaps. They should not see you with dirty or wet shoes.
Women's shoes should be of medium high heel. One reason is that you may not be comfortable 9 hours 15 cm above the ground and the second is that the boss will not appreciate your extremely long legs, you can be sure of that.
The office does not wear sneakers, elastic bands and slippers - they are intended for recreation and sports.
Men should remember that shoes and belts should be matched in both color and material quality.
Clothing size
Try to buy clothes that are absolutely right for you. If the pants are long, visit a tailor to shorten it. If the jacket is too bulky in the shoulders, then it is not the model that is right for you. And sweaters that are wide open have no place in your wardrobe at all.
As much as you resist, at some point in your career, your appearance will be more important than you want. This is the time to find your style and build habits. After a few promotions, your suit will become an attribute of your success, not just a pack of mind.

®Maria Georgieva - Artistic Director
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